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    Sustainability & Safety

    Centaur Products is committed to maintaining high standards of environmental protection and to making decisions that minimally impact the environment whenever possible. We strive to provide green building solutions to our customers and communities by responsibly sourcing materials, reducing waste, and incorporating recycled materials into our projects.

    What is green building and design?

    Green building—according to the USGBC (Green Builders Association)—uses design and construction practices that work to significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of a building and its occupants by aiming to conserve materials and resources, create indoor environmental quality, and use energy efficient techniques.

    LEED Accreditation—Please ask our qualified salespeople for information pertaining specifically to your project.

    How can Centaur Products help?

    At Centaur Products, we work closely with our customers to provide green building solutions that increase the operating efficiency of athletic facilities by supplying products that require less maintenance, less power, and that aid in the process of protecting the environment. All of the products that we supply are of the highest quality and will be able to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use experienced in athletic facilities. We also provide sustainable site planning and aid in the selection of supplies that are sourced from manufacturers that maximize the use of raw materials, as well as reduce transportation costs and negative effects on the environment by sourcing materials locally, when possible.

    Our commitment to safety.

    In an effort to keep all workers as safe as possible, we employ the COR principles across the country on every job we work on and we ensure that all members for our team adhere to our comprehensive safety program, from our installation technicians all the way through to the very top. Working with Centaur Products means that you can rest assured that all of our workplace safety procedures will be highly valued and strictly enforced.