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    Baseball Equipment

    If you are looking for information on how to build a baseball facility, our team of experts specializes in the planning, design and construction of baseball parks, stadiums and baseball training facilities. We have a large selection of products for outfitting a baseball park. This includes grandstand and bleacher seating, aluminum seating, scoreboards, video displays, protective outfield padding, batting cages, protective netting for backstops as well as along 1st & 3rd base lines, foul poles, synthetic turf, seating for dug outs and much more.

    The Centaur experience.
    • Centaur has built seating and bleachers for hundreds of ball parks across Canada.
    • We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor batting cages.
    • Artificial turf for outdoor ball parks and indoor baseball training.
    • We have a network specialists for designing protective netting and padding.

    Grandstand Bleacher Seating & Support Structures

    We have a team of grandstand and bleacher seating experts that can assist you with the planning, design and construction of the seating for your baseball park, stadium or training facility. This includes seating and support structure options for any size baseball facility ranging from 3-row aluminum bleachers, custom and mitred designed grandstands and even large venue and stadium seating.

    Bleacher Seating & Chair Options

    We have a range of seating options for your baseball park grandstand. This includes aluminum bench-style plank seating as well as several chair options ranging from classic slat-back baseball chairs to more contemporary designs. In addion, we have many upgrades and accessories available including backrests for plank seats, upholstery and padding for chairs as well as cupholders and more.

    Baseball Equipment

    If you are looking for a Canadian supplier of batting cages, batting tunnels, protective netting, foul poles, and other baseball equipment, we can assist you with outfitting your facility.

    baseball stadium seating
    Ball Park and Baseball Facility Services.
    • Seating Repair and Bleacher Safety Inspection
    • Ball Park Seating Design and Layout Services
    • Baseball Scoreboard Repair
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