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    Hardwood Sports Flooring

    Centaur has extensive experience with the design, installation, repair, replacement, refinishing and maintenance of maple sports floors. Our team is always seeking out and promoting the newest advancements in the sports flooring industry. If you have any questions on the how to the design the best basketball court? how much a basketball flooring costs? How to budget for a gymnasium floor? How to layout sports lines? Best sub-floor system for different building compatibility? And any other questions about hardwood sports flooring then our team will get you the answers you need.

    The Centaur experience.
    • Over 5,000,000 sq ft of Hardwood sports flooring installed
    • Full-time local installation and maintenance Technicians across Canada
    • Canada’s most experienced line and logo painting design team
    • Canada’s most experienced line layout and design team

    Anchored flooring systems.

    Anchored resilient sports flooring systems are fastened to the concrete substrate and also use a resilient pad or underlay within the subfloor or sleeper system. The anchoring to the concrete ensures uniform shock attenuation and provides optimal dimensional stability as well as eliminating the potential for dead spots.

    Floating floor systems

    Floating floors are not anchored or fixed to the concrete substrate. There are several design options that all consist of resilient pads fastened to the bottom of either subfloor panels or sleepers to provide an economical, low-profile and cushioned floor.

    Portable flooring systems

    We supply several different portable basketball flooring systems. Our selection ranges from heavy-duty floor systems designed for NBA, university or professional arenas to more economical, lightweight and easy to handle systems great for recreation centres, municipal arenas and even unconventional spaces such as warehouses or convention centres.

    hardwood sports floor installation
    Hardwood Flooring Services.
    • Gamesline Layouts
    • Logo Painting & Graphics
    • Floor Refinishing (Sand & Finish, Screen & Finish)
    • General Maintenance & Cleaning
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