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    Sport Contracting

    What is Sport Contracting?

    Centaur’s sport contracting package is an all-in-one, turn-key solution for anyone interested in building or renovating a sport facility. It involves a comprehensive package of services to assist you in the planning, design, and construction of a successful sport facility project. Sport Contracting is effective because it combines the initial planning, design, construction, and servicing phases of a project and unifies them all under a common goal of creating a long-term, successful facility by applying four guiding principles to all aspects of project design and construction. These principles provide a backbone for all facility design and construction decisions and ensure that long-term facility success is the highest priority in the project.

    4 Key Principles of our Sport Contracting Program

    • MAXIMIZING athletic performance, safety and comfort
    • INCREASING facility revenue potential
    • IMPROVING facility operating efficiency
    • ENERGIZING the spectator experience

    Why we developed our Sport Contracting Program

    The concept for sport contracting was developed because sport facility construction, whether indoor or outdoor, presents many unique challenges when conventional construction procedures are applied. This is in large part because the finishing work in a sport facility is not merely aesthetic, as it tends to be in other types of construction. Instead, it is the single most important aspect of the facility itself and is critical to the long-term success of a facility.

    Some examples of this finishing work include sport surfacing, seating, sports equipment, and communications equipment. These specialty elements of a sport facility are crucial to facility users and operators because of the highly intensive manner in which they interact with these areas.

    So, the concept for sport contracting arose from listening to building operators, athletes, and program coordinators who all emphasized that the long-term success of their facilities was dependent on this highly specialized finishing work. Yet, they often felt that project design and contracting practices did not adequately prioritize this fact and it was impacting the overall effectiveness of their facility once the project was complete.

    Seeing this theme consistently emerge, it was clear there was a need for comprehensive project guidance. While traditional contracting companies are highly specialized in managing construction budgets and schedules, and design firms provide expertise in the general aspects of facility design, there is a lack of specialized expertise as to what it actually takes to build a successful sports facility, in terms of functionality, efficiency, and profitability; thus, we developed our Sport Contracting Program.