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    The Centaur Advantage

    As Canada’s most experienced sports construction company, Centaur Products’ team uses their depth of experience to provide clients with complete peace of mind that all stages of their projects will be completed with the highest attention to detail and industry knowledge.

    What makes us different?

    Our ability to assist our clients at every stage of their project and the level of accountability and trust that we provide is what makes us truly unique. Our team works hard to develop comprehensive familiarity and involvement for every project we work on in order to create efficient and direct lines of communication. Throughout the course of a project, we will also leverage the expertise we have developed from collaborating with specialists in order to provide cost and time savings wherever possible.

    Our area of expertise.

    The high-performance sport surfaces and sport equipment construction industry is highly specialized and complex. Since our industry requires a specialized understanding of construction principles and an in-depth knowledge of safety requirements and key athletic performance, we understand how even small variations in product selection and installation techniques can completely alter the performance of a sports facility. Any minor details that are overlooked during the planning, design, and construction of a product can ultimately lead to premature degradation, unsafe and unpredictable playing conditions, and the potential for not being able to facilitate high-level competition and training.

    Why hire Centaur Products?

    Choosing to work with Centaur Products means knowing that your project will be completed as efficiently as possible and that any potential problems will be recognized and immediately addressed, preventing larger, more expensive problems from occurring in the future. No matter the size or scope of a project, we always maintain the same level of dedication to providing quality workmanship combined with a willingness to communicate and share our extensive industry expertise. At Centaur Products, we are committed to providing the most attentive, understanding, and accommodating customer service in the industry.