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    Vulcanized Prefabricated Rubber Track Surface That Is Extremely Durable And Sustainable.

    • Standard thickness options of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, or 13mm
    • Vulcanized rubber surface from recycled rubber that is extremely durable and sustainable
    • Spike Resistant technology that prevents noticeable surface indentations
    • Special color formula that protects against UV rays and rapid discoloration in pigment
    • Waffle Back design provides resiliency and deflection to the athlete during impact that results in less energy return to reduce the risk of athletic fatigue and injury
    • Ideal surface friction that protects runner and jogger safety
    • Excellent acoustics and sound absorption especially good for elevated indoor running and jogging tracks
    • Durability to withstand heavy rolling loads from bleachers
    Running Track Maintenance & Service.
    • Running Track Lining & Painting
    • Running Track Maintenance
    • Running Track Resurfacing
    Durathon Elite Track was used on these projects