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    Seating Support Structures for Baseball Parks and Training Centres.

    Angle Frame – Seating Capacity: Up to 500 fans

    The angle frame design is the most economical bleacher support structure and best suited to seating capacity of under 500 spectators. The angle frame design we supply comes as both a fully customizable bleacher engineered system as well as some standard sized units.





    Leg Truss – Seating Capacity: 500 to 2,500 fans

    The leg truss system is a hybrid between angle frame bleachers and permanent, horizontal beam grandstands. The leg truss is best suited to accommodate seating capacity of 500 to 2,500 spectators and combines the cost-effectiveness of angle frame engineering as well as the benefit of some space under the bleachers for storage or other needs.





    Permanent Grandstand – Seating Capacity: Over 2,500 fans

    Permanent grandstands or horizontal beam grandstands can accommodate as many fans as are required. Built on a strong foundation, permanent grandstands offer the most under-bleacher space for storage or even locker rooms as well as fully customizable designs.

    Baseball Bleacher Service.
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