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    Soccer Goal Safety and Preventing Tipping

    According to the organization Anchored for Safety, soccer goal accidents (usually from tipping) have accounted for 41 deaths and 59 serious injuries in North America since statistics were kept in the late 70’s. These incidents are usually the result of unanchored soccer goals that are often used in youth soccer and on playgrounds. This is due to the fact that the majority of fields that youths play soccer on are multipurpose fields, such as schools, that need to be easily modified to accommodate multiple different sports. Because of this permanent goals and anchors are sometimes not a viable option for these fields. Semi-permanent and portable anchors can be a practical solution to make the soccer goals in these facilities as safe as possible.

    Semi-Permanent Anchors

    Semi-Permanent Anchors provide the highest level of safety when it comes to temporary anchoring.  These anchors are installed into concrete and they function for all soil and surface types.

    Soccer goals are considered semi-permanent when the anchors are installed to remain in the ground for the duration of the goals life. The base of the anchor is cemented into the ground of the field and the net is attached to it with a bolt or a leash.

    Ground Sleeve

    A ground sleeve is just as safe as ground anchor and it is also cemented to the ground. But, this anchor allows the extended goal post to slide into the cement sleeve.

    Portable Ground Anchors

    There are three options for portable ground anchoring; Above Ground, Below Ground, and Lock in to Goal.

    Above Ground

    There are two options for above ground anchoring: anchor bags and anchor weights. These bags offer flexibility and they are very cost efficient. They are filled with sand and placed on the goal.

    Below Ground

    The two options for below ground anchoring are Ground Pegs and Portable Auger Anchors. Ground Pegs are ideal for denser soil types, whereas Auger Anchors have a cork screw design that makes them perfect for sandy soil.

    Lock in Safety

    The Lock In to Goal Safety system combines tethered goal anchoring and keyed locks that help to prevent unauthorized moving of the goal, and ensures that it is secure in its location. The anchors are installed into the ground (without cement). Then the anchor is tethered to the base of the goal and locked into place.

    Soccer goal anchoring is the best way to guarantee the safety of your facility and your athletes. Proper soccer goal safety can prevent tragedies from occurring.  If you have any questions about anchoring your soccer goals contact one of our specialists to find the right option for your facility.