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    Equipment Every School Gymnasium Needs

    Gymnasium Equipment | 23 August 2022

    Whether you are looking to renovate and update an existing school gymnasium or are constructing one from the ground up, it is crucial to ensure that you are setting it up with the right equipment. The equipment chosen for a school gymnasium will directly influence the longevity of the space and the safety of the individuals using it. As a leading sports contractor and provider of sports equipment including basketball equipment, flooring products, wall padding, and spectator seating, the team at Centaur Products knows how important it is to invest in the right equipment for your school gymnasium project. That is why we have compiled a list of equipment every school gymnasium needs to help you optimize safety, flexibility, and accessibility.

    4 Important Types of Equipment for School Gymnasiums

    The following types of equipment are crucial for every school gymnasium:

    1. Quality Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood sports flooring is a staple for every gymnasium regardless of its size or the number of students in the school. While most wooden flooring products share a similar appearance, there are many different types to choose from including anchored, floating, and portable. Understanding the installation requirements, benefits, and other unique features of each type is crucial for making an informed choice for your project.

    2. Spectator Seating

    Spectator seating is a vital part of every gymnasium. From sporting events to school assemblies, seating is used for a variety of purposes every day. That is why it is crucial to determine the amount of seating you will need for your project and look at options that are suited to these needs. Retractable telescopic bleachers are the most popular seating option for school gymnasiums due to their ease of use, lasting durability, and safety, though other options are available depending on the size of the facility and the number of people expected to be in attendance for events.

    3. Basketball Equipment

    Basketball equipment is another staple of every school gymnasium. From ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted backstops to shot clocks and scoreboards, there are many types of equipment to consider for your project. To ensure that you are choosing the right basketball products for your gymnasium, it is strongly recommended to work with an expert.

    4. Volleyball & Badminton Equipment

    Volleyball and badminton equipment can drastically increase the utility and versatility of your school gymnasium, making them well worth the investment. With so many options for posts, nets, stands, and floor sockets, it is crucial to take the time to ensure that you are choosing the right options for the amount of space you have and the layout of your gymnasium.

    To learn more about our selection of products or to discuss the details of your project, get in touch with the team at Centaur Products. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and services.