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    What We Do

    Thanks to our history and industry experience, we have the tools required to provide our customers with the construction of outstanding athletic facilities. Our team will always be readily available to assist or lead your upcoming project, from development and consultation all the way through the final installation. No matter what kind of project you need completed, we have the experience and knowhow to complete the job properly the first time around.

    Our services.

    At Centaur Products, we provide a wide range of different services to our customers, from project and construction management to installation and work safe programs to shop drawing and games line layout production. Our expert team members will even take the time to provide consultation services on product selection in order to ensure that you fully understand the necessary requirements of your user groups.

    Local service technicians.

    All of our regional offices located throughout Canada house a team of full-time, local installation technicians and product specialists who are always ready to tackle any problems, product defects, training requests, and maintenance questions with the utmost care. By having professional technicians on staff at each of our locations, we are able to ensure that any onsite repairs or maintenance requirements are met quickly and efficiently. We also try to have replacement parts for most of our product lines in stock so that, if any new parts are required, we can keep turnaround times to the absolute minimum. At Centaur Products, we strive to ensure that our customers are continually impressed by our promptness in responding to service-related issues.