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Setting the standard for quality and expertise.

Centaur Products proudly represents the Southern Bleacher Company, the leading manufacturer and distributor of an extensive range of seating, with over 70 years of expertise.

The bleachers – including temporary and stadium bleachers – facilitate high schools, universities and college campuses, recreation complexes, hockey rinks, speedways, fairgrounds, and professional facilities that host everything from football, baseball, and soccer games to equestrian events.

From concept to reality, Centaur works closely alongside Southern Bleacher's planning committees and project architects to provide timeless products and comprehensive services, including budget analysis, estimates, proposal drawings, and specifications at no cost. Our vast experience in addressing the myriad of building code requirements, accessibility issues, and safety requirements will greatly benefit you, and your fans will cheer for the superb sight lines that we will create.

Featured Support Structures

Centaur's attention to detail elevates our work to the top, and we consider a number of important factors – including spectator accommodation, budget, size of venue, and storage and concession functions – when constructing different support structures.

Angle Frame

Safe, secure, and cost-effective structures accommodating up to 500 spectators, ideal for giving schools the seating and finish options they desire. 

Leg Truss

Hybrid combining the cost-effectiveness of angle frame engineering with the benefit of space under the bleachers

(for storage or other needs),

best accommodating between

500 and 2,500 spectators.

Permanent Grandstand

Built on a strong foundation, offering the most under-bleacher space for anything from secure storage to locker rooms, accommodating as many spectators as necessary.

Chair Options

Centaur also offers a selection of chairs specifically designed for use with grandstand bleacher systems.

Check out the Citation chair and Patriot chair for optimum compatibility.

Elite Seat

Designed for comfort and versatility, offering facilities a colorful option over aluminum plank bleacher seating.

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